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Donations of Cloths for Syrian Refugees

UPDATE December 2014: Many, many thanks for all your support and also for your numerous offers to contribute with your cloths and other donations, which we could not include so far. In autumn 2014 we made the last trip to

Syria Inside – The Movie is Online!

Phantastic news: Syria Inside – The Movie is online available! And we can present you a 50 minutes version for free here! Tamer Alawam’s last trip to Syria in September 2012 was meant to be a dangerous but important step

Solidary Christmas!

Show your solidarity with Syria on Christmas – we show you how! Zeig deine Solidarität mit Syrien zu Weihnachten – wir zeigen dir, wie es geht!

In Memory of Tamer

Tamer Alawam was unique in his lifetime, until September 9th 2012. Tamer Alawam is now 1 of 68 killed journalists in Syria since the beginning of the revolution in 2011. Tamer Alawam is now 1 of over 100.000 people who

Join the Discussion – September 3rd, 7pm in Berlin!

We are very happy to invite you to a special event this Tuesday, September 3rd, in Berlin: „Syria – Stony Paths of Escape“ is the title of a public discussion with three people invited who will give their insights of

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Dates in Berlin: this Friday and Saturday, next Monday

Don’t miss these two events in the next days in Berlin! This Friday and Saturday is a two days festival presenting a one year long cooperation between Arabic and Euopean artists in Berlin, which not only gives you the possibility

Call to action by Lien e.V.: shoes for kids until May 24!

(deutsch) The Social Association Lien e.V. collects shoes for children in daycare facilities and schools in Berlin until May 24th. Here the original appeal in German, down here in English – get active! Because of the catastrophic situation in Syria

Movie project Syria Inside on Kickstarter!

(deutsch) The movie project Syria Inside is a documentary about the Syrian revolution in a very unique style. Help promoting the kickstarter compaign or support the movie directly! Read here why: First planned and directed by Tamer Alawam and his

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Any news for Syria?

So what do we have? A red line that sometimes is described with a bleak look and strong voice, but at other times seems more like a rubber band in pink jumping up and down. As long as the chemical

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Adopt the Syrian Revolution!

(deutsch) Since autumn 2011 the organization Adopt a Revolution is aiming to target more attention and financial support on the peaceful part of the Syrian revolution. Because of its professionality in collecting and delivering the money to exactly those, who

Thomas Rassloff – live from Aleppo, Syria

(deutsch) How does it feel working as a journalist in war areas like Syria, in a city like Aleppo, where you kind of count on a deadly attack the next moment? Thomas Rassloff, photographer from Germany, already went several times

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Meeting the Malas Twins and Nada

(deutsch) Some days ago Berlin was welcoming very famous artists from Syria, known not only for their humor but also for being supporters of the revolution: the Malas twins. They came here for a film shooting for the movie project

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Review of a demonstration in Berlin

[slideshow post_id=“1306″ rel=“lightbox“] Seeking for international solidarity Two years ago the Syrian Revolution started in Dara’a, a small town in the south west, sparked by the citizens who went on the street to demonstrate after schoolchildren were tortured by the

2 Years of Revolution

We want to invite you to take part in some of the events taking place for a sad anniversary: the Syrian revolution started more or less exactly two years ago. Since then more than 70.000 people died and more than

Visiting Zaatari camp in Jordan

(deutsch) [slideshow post_id=“1136″ rel=“lightbox“] Feras is from Damascus, Syria. A few years ago he left for Germany and lives there since then with his wife. He never lost contact nor his love for the country. Though the last time he

The story of Firas

Feras is a young man I met through the Internet. In Syria, his role as an activist and opponent to the government was to organize non-violent demonstrations and publish photos he has taken there on Facebook. For this alone, he

Discuss with us!

Join Action Syria and discuss some ideas and thoughts with us! There is only one rule: respect other opinions and don’t offend anybody! There is just one exception of this rule: Fuck off Assad! And that’s how it works: The

How oppression works in Syria

(deutsch) When the revolution started in March 2011 it was the moment people decided to stand up against a political system that is oppressing the majority of Syrian people. What does it mean to live in an oppressive state? Get

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Interview Bayan

(deutsch) I met Bayan in Aleppo. She’s a young and strong woman helping in a hospital every day with the urge to  support the revolution and to help people suffering from the brutality of war. Here’s a link to a

Yalla Syria: Memory of a Country

(italiano) It was 2006 and I was enrolled in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Rome. Grappling with the pre-Islamic Jahilliya, the Hegira of Muhammad in 622, the five pillars of Islam, the Shari’a and the Islamic