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Let your donation be doubled on 26.08.2016 from 3pm on!

(deutsch) You should be fast, because on Friday 26.08.2016, from 3pm on, Action Syria is supported by our partner for donation payments in a very special way! For any donation up to 200 euros that you donate for our project

Financial Help for Syrian Families in Need

(deutsch) It’s been two years, since we first cooked for you as one of the KÜFA groups at B-Lage in Berlin Neukölln. Every second Wednesday of the month we offer delicious Arabic vegan food, financing with your donations our projects

we cook, you eat – for a good cause

Since more than a year we are very happy that B-Lage in Berlin Neukölln offers us the possibility to collect funds for our project. The idea behind the KÜFA is simple: we cook, you eat – for a good cause!

Four Years without Syria

(deutsch) On March 15th the Syrian revolution starts its 5th year. The last four are providing horrible consequences. Instead of stepping back and giving democratic reforms a chance, Assad is still fighting his undeniable end. Who suffers, are the people:

Joy of Giving by Giving Joy

(deutsch) You are living in Berlin and have nice toys, stuffed animals and books for children, lingering bored in your home? Then be part of this very spontanous project und make child refugees in Berlin a bit happier. Fled from

Mitschenken und noch mehr Freude schenken!

(english) Du wohnst in Berlin und hast gut erhaltenes Spielzeug, Kuscheltiere und Kinderbücher zuhause rumliegen, das niemand mehr verwendet? Dann mach bei dieser spontanen Aktion mit und schenke sie zusammen mit uns Kindern in Berliner Unterkünften für Geflüchtete! Vor Krieg,

Medical Donations – We Start In October!

(deutsch) Here we go! We are in the final phase of all preparations and want to keep you up-to-date while also showing you, how to join and support the project. In October 2014 the new convoy will start from Berlin

What’s going on here?

(deutsch) June has passed and still no news about the new transport? What’s going on here? In fact we decided to make some changes: We’ve learned from our last convoy that organization and planning are the keys for a successful

Many Thanks!

(deutsch) Many, many thanks to everybody for the great support! It was wonderful meeting you at our last events, namely in Paloma Bar last Sunday and at our info event with vegan arabic food in B-Lage yesterday evening. Thanks for

Vielen Dank!

(english) Vielen, vielen Dank an alle, die uns so toll unterstützen! Schön, dass ihr zu unseren letzten Veranstaltungen gekommen seid, letzten Sonntag in der Paloma Bar und auch gestern zu unserer Infoveranstaltung mit Vokü in der B-Lage. Danke auch für

Sneak a peek! Yummy!

(deutsch) Next weeks are very yummy, believe me! Since days sparrows are singing it from the roofs all over Berlin: „Die Spatzen spielen zurück!“ They shoot with bombs and shells? We play back with music, delicious food, joyful energy and

So far and now: further!

(deutsch) In December 2012 and January 2013 we were able to collect so many donations with your help, that we could bring a car and a bought ambulance, both packed bottom to roof with donated cloths and medical equipment, to

From Berlin to the Turkish-Syrian border, by Thomas Rassloff

(deutsch) Thomas Rassloff goes to Syria on a regular basis in order to report first hand from the war areas like Aleppo. Already once we proudly presented his adventures put down on paper together with his great photographs on actionsyria.org

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On the Way to Syria!

(deutsch) Thursday, February 13th 2014 The ambulance arrived in its destination! Dr. Fadi Alomar: „The ambulance arrived to the required destination. Thanks all those who contributed in this action!“ More information and pictures in short time! Many, many thanks to

Share the petrol expenses with us!

(deutsch) Great news: With your support we will bring all your donated winter cloths to the Turkish-Syrian border next week! We have a car, a small truck and an ambulance, filled with your donations and as well some medical equipment

Update on the Donation Project

UPDATE December 2014: Many, many thanks for all your support and also for your numerous offers to contribute with your cloths and other donations, which we could not include so far. In autumn 2014 we made the last trip to

Donations of Cloths for Syrian Refugees

UPDATE December 2014: Many, many thanks for all your support and also for your numerous offers to contribute with your cloths and other donations, which we could not include so far. In autumn 2014 we made the last trip to

Call to action by Lien e.V.: shoes for kids until May 24!

(deutsch) The Social Association Lien e.V. collects shoes for children in daycare facilities and schools in Berlin until May 24th. Here the original appeal in German, down here in English – get active! Because of the catastrophic situation in Syria

Adopt the Syrian Revolution!

(deutsch) Since autumn 2011 the organization Adopt a Revolution is aiming to target more attention and financial support on the peaceful part of the Syrian revolution. Because of its professionality in collecting and delivering the money to exactly those, who

Meeting the Malas Twins and Nada

(deutsch) Some days ago Berlin was welcoming very famous artists from Syria, known not only for their humor but also for being supporters of the revolution: the Malas twins. They came here for a film shooting for the movie project

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