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The story of Firas

Feras is a young man I met through the Internet. In Syria, his role as an activist and opponent to the government was to organize non-violent demonstrations and publish photos he has taken there on Facebook. For this alone, he

Interview Bayan

(deutsch) I met Bayan in Aleppo. She’s a young and strong woman helping in a hospital every day with the urge to  support the revolution and to help people suffering from the brutality of war. Here’s a link to a

Yalla Syria: Memory of a Country

(italiano) It was 2006 and I was enrolled in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Rome. Grappling with the pre-Islamic Jahilliya, the Hegira of Muhammad in 622, the five pillars of Islam, the Shari’a and the Islamic

Interview Mahmoud

(deutsch) A Syrian friend here in Germany mentioned Mahmoud (name changed) one day some months ago. Living in Damascus, he made incredible efforts to support refugee families coming into his neighbourhood. As the area was closed by checkpoints of the

Get in Touch

(deutsch) Watching the news on TV or reading the latest reports in newspapers about Syria is shocking, and often enough leaves one with a feeling of paralysis. The war seems far away for somebody enjoying life in Europe and, after

Projects we support

(deutsch) The question “What can I do?” is often best answered with an urge to donate, to give a bit of oneself, be it money or goods. Besides big organisations with complex, efficient structures like the UN refugee agency (http://donate.unhcr.org/)

My Syria

(deutsch) Since the outbreak of revolution, the ideas we all have about Syria have changed. We now focus on the war, on thousands of dead people, injured children, homeless families and the agony of Syrians coping with the war, and