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Four Years without Syria

(deutsch) On March 15th the Syrian revolution starts its 5th year. The last four are providing horrible consequences. Instead of stepping back and giving democratic reforms a chance, Assad is still fighting his undeniable end. Who suffers, are the people:

Sneak a peek! Yummy!

(deutsch) Next weeks are very yummy, believe me! Since days sparrows are singing it from the roofs all over Berlin: „Die Spatzen spielen zurück!“ They shoot with bombs and shells? We play back with music, delicious food, joyful energy and

3 Jahre und kein Ende in Sicht

Please scroll down for the English version! Ein Jubiläum, bei dem es rein gar nichts zu feiern gibt: Seit drei Jahren versuchen Menschen in Syrien, ein demokratisches System durchzusetzen. Seit drei Jahren werden sie genau deshalb von ihrem Präsidenten verfolgt,

30.01.2014 Soli-Party im Naherholung Sternchen!

Please scroll down for the text in English! Während in der Schweiz eifrig diskutiert und verhandelt wird, ändert sich leider nichts an der Realität: es herrscht Krieg in Syrien, der jeden Tag Menschenleben fordert und andere für immer verändert. Menschen

Internationaler Tag der Solidarität für Syrien

Morgen, also diesen Samstag, schon was vor? Nein? Ja? Egal! Mach mit und zeig dein Gesicht: Internationaler Tag der Solidarität für Syrien am 11.01.2014! Seit März 2011 bekämpft Assad den anfangs rein friedlichen Protest für mehr Demokratie, für mehr Freiheit

Solidary Christmas!

Show your solidarity with Syria on Christmas – we show you how! Zeig deine Solidarität mit Syrien zu Weihnachten – wir zeigen dir, wie es geht!

In Memory of Tamer

Tamer Alawam was unique in his lifetime, until September 9th 2012. Tamer Alawam is now 1 of 68 killed journalists in Syria since the beginning of the revolution in 2011. Tamer Alawam is now 1 of over 100.000 people who

Join the Discussion – September 3rd, 7pm in Berlin!

We are very happy to invite you to a special event this Tuesday, September 3rd, in Berlin: „Syria – Stony Paths of Escape“ is the title of a public discussion with three people invited who will give their insights of

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Dates in Berlin: this Friday and Saturday, next Monday

Don’t miss these two events in the next days in Berlin! This Friday and Saturday is a two days festival presenting a one year long cooperation between Arabic and Euopean artists in Berlin, which not only gives you the possibility

Any news for Syria?

So what do we have? A red line that sometimes is described with a bleak look and strong voice, but at other times seems more like a rubber band in pink jumping up and down. As long as the chemical

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Review of a demonstration in Berlin

[slideshow post_id=“1306″ rel=“lightbox“] Seeking for international solidarity Two years ago the Syrian Revolution started in Dara’a, a small town in the south west, sparked by the citizens who went on the street to demonstrate after schoolchildren were tortured by the

2 Years of Revolution

We want to invite you to take part in some of the events taking place for a sad anniversary: the Syrian revolution started more or less exactly two years ago. Since then more than 70.000 people died and more than

Discuss with us!

Join Action Syria and discuss some ideas and thoughts with us! There is only one rule: respect other opinions and don’t offend anybody! There is just one exception of this rule: Fuck off Assad! And that’s how it works: The