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The children of Deir al-Zor

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAZJPmFhnMQ „Hurrya! Hurrya!“ Freedom! Freedom! is the liberating call to which these children smile, but their parents and older siblings are aware of how much pain this word brings in itself. In the town of Deir al-Zor people live inside

Thomas Rassloff – live from Aleppo, Syria

(deutsch) How does it feel working as a journalist in war areas like Syria, in a city like Aleppo, where you kind of count on a deadly attack the next moment? Thomas Rassloff, photographer from Germany, already went several times

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Visiting Zaatari camp in Jordan

(deutsch) [slideshow post_id=“1136″ rel=“lightbox“] Feras is from Damascus, Syria. A few years ago he left for Germany and lives there since then with his wife. He never lost contact nor his love for the country. Though the last time he

How oppression works in Syria

(deutsch) When the revolution started in March 2011 it was the moment people decided to stand up against a political system that is oppressing the majority of Syrian people. What does it mean to live in an oppressive state? Get

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Links: Everyday Life in Warzone

(deutsch) We have collected here some published insights into Syrian everyday life over almost two years: http://video.repubblica.it/dossier/rivolta-siria/siria-la-distribuzione-del-cibo-ai-bambini/112780/111179 http://youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QlGV1N2EwBk http://vimeo.com/54798193 (refugees in Roman ruins) http://ninofezzacinereporter.blogspot.de/2012/12/258pm-mon-3-dec-2012-nato-to-send.html http://youtube.com/watch?v=6KbKSLV8Hxo&feature=share  (Syrian family lives underground) http://ninofezzacinereporter.blogspot.it/2012/12/siriala-guerra-dei-bambini.html http://notizie.tiscali.it/videonews/149150/Esteri/  (Syria – living in caves to escape the bombs)

With the FSA

(deutsch) [slideshow post_id=“197″] Terrorists? Rebels? Extremists? Freedom fighters? Who are they, what do they want and what are they doing? In the media one can get very different descriptions of the Free Syrian Army, from echos of Assad’s scorn calling

Living in War

(deutsch) We know the pictures of demonstrations and most of all of fighting scenes, of injured and dead people carried in streets full of blood. But besides these horrors, what does it really mean to live in war, being confronted

Who is this FSA?

[slideshow post_id=“192″ rel=“lightbox“] Who are these rebels? Are they all just dangerous extremists and terrorists fighting for a religious state? We say: no. United in the wish to overcome Assad’s regime, the FSA is a fairly free organised bunch of

Revolution in Syria

Background situation before revolution When the protests erupted in March 2011 the greatest challenge to nearly five decades of Assad family rule was posed. Since 1963 Syria has been a one-party state. The citizen could only approve the President and

Cities of Syria

(deutsch) [slideshow post_id=“178″ rel=“lightbox“] Damascus Legend has it that the Prophet Muhammad was travelling out of Mecca when he glanced down the mountains to Damascus, and refused to go there because he only wanted to enter Paradise once after his

People of Syria

(deutsch) The Syrian population consists of about 88% Muslims and 12% Christians. However, this classification is not as simple as it may sound at first. Syria is characterized by a variety of religious and ethnic groups. The Christian population alone

A History of Syria

(deutsch)   This very brief account of the long and eventful history of Syria should serve to clarify and to develop a better understanding of the country’s origins. Ancient Syria was included under the heading „The countries of Syria“ (bilad