Wir tanzten bei Suweida

Wir freuen uns sehr, mit euch sehr persönliche Erinnerungen an Tamer Alawam teilen zu dürfen. Markus Hirsch hat uns dankenswerterweise diesen Text geschickt. Viel Spaß beim Lesen! Wir tanzten bei Suweida – Erinnerungen an Tamer Alawam Ich musste neulich beim

Drei Jahre später

Am 9. September jährt sich der Tod Tamer Alawams bereits zum dritten Mal. 2012 war es, dass wir zusammen nach Syrien gefahren sind, um Material für Tamers Film zu drehen, ein Film über den Krieg in Syrien, über den Anfang

Special Jury Prize Documentary for „Syria Inside“

(deutsch) On October 10th 2014 it was officially announced that the documentary „Syria Inside“ won the Special Jury Prize in the catagory Documentary on the 14th edition of the Beirut International Film Festival! Started in the year 2012 by Tamer

Syria Inside – The Movie is Online!

Phantastic news: Syria Inside – The Movie is online available! And we can present you a 50 minutes version for free here! Tamer Alawam’s last trip to Syria in September 2012 was meant to be a dangerous but important step

Movie project Syria Inside on Kickstarter!

(deutsch) The movie project Syria Inside is a documentary about the Syrian revolution in a very unique style. Help promoting the kickstarter compaign or support the movie directly! Read here why: First planned and directed by Tamer Alawam and his

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Basamat says

(deutsch) The German theater group Basamat also published an obituary. Here the German text and the link below:   Zum Tod des syrischen Regisseurs Tamer Alawam 10. September 2012 von Marteng Halle(Saale), 10.09.2012 In Trauer und tiefer Anteilnahme an Tamer


(deutsch) Al-Jazeera, English, from 16/11/2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NfTNmYETMLc Al-Jazeera, English, from 10/11/2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wXBQMfl4ZAY ARD (German TV) from 25/10/2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_KhU6O1VQnA ZDF (German TV) from 17/08/2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4qbqOAM7HKI


(deutsch) Other works include: Film: 2007 Beauty of differences: documentary about tourism for Syrian TV 2006 Memory of a Girl: documentary of the civil war in Lebanon for Syrian TV 2006 After the Fog: short movie 2003 The Tape of

Songs and Poems

(deutsch) Tamer Alawam wrote many poems and presented them on stage in Damascus over several years. One of his last lyric works was a song he wrote for the revolution. Here is the link to listen to his words, with

Did you know Tamer?

(deutsch) Did you know Tamer? Tell us all your stories about this very special man by writing to us! We will be happy to publish your memories here.

Valentina Perniciaro says

(deutsch) (italiano) The Internet connects up the world in an exemplary manner. It can happen that you encounter people online who are closer to you than you could imagine. Here is an article written by Valentina Perniciaro, an Italian girl

Jan Heilig says

Producer Jan Heilig writes about his friend: I met Tamer on a demonstration for Syrian freedom at the beginning of 2011 in Berlin. I saw him with a cameraman, and he saw my camera, so we soon came into contact.

Mariangela Sglavo says

(italiano) Mariangela Sglavo wrote an article (also published on the Italian website sirialibano.com) about her experience of the death of a dear friend of hers, seen through the cold screen of a laptop. Have you ever been confronted with the

Claudia Ruff says

Claudia Ruff writes about her last days with Tamer Alawam in Syria: We arrived in Aleppo on August 28th, finding the city in a state of war, with bombing and shelling going on 24 hours a day. People were trying


[slideshow post_id=“130″ rel=“lightbox“] (deutsch) (العربية) Some very touching obituaries were published all over the world after Tamer’s death. You can read and watch some of them here: – in German on ZDF: http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/beitrag/video/1729846/Trauer-um-Tamer-Al-Awam#/beitrag/video/1729846/Trauer-um-Tamer-Al-Awam – in Arabic on Al Arabia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Cog2xK3yo1k

For the Translator – Ein Glas Fisch

(deutsch) 2009 written and first published in Arabic and English for the Danish Culture Center in Damascus, this very modern screenplay not only describes the oppressive system in Syria from the perspective of a hounded man, enduring torture and isolation,

Memory of a checkpoint

(deutsch) This very touching film, first published on Arabic TV channels in August 2012, was presented as „23min smuggled from Aleppo“ at Alexandria Film Festival. Tamer received a memorial price for his courage in his media work. It was also

Syria Inside

(deutsch) The first cinema co-production with a country that does not exist yet: the FREE Syria. Directed by Syrian filmmakers themselves – not just about the Syrian revolution, not from the outside, but from within! (Produced by a German independent

Tamer Alawam – a short Biography

(deutsch) [slideshow post_id=“4″ rel=“lightbox“] Tamer was born in 1977 in a small village near Suwayda, a city in the South-West of Syria. He moved to Damascus to study Arabic literature and journalism at the city’s University. He was a joint