Dates in Berlin: this Friday and Saturday, next Monday

Don’t miss these two events in the next days in Berlin! This Friday and Saturday is a two days festival presenting a one year long cooperation between Arabic and Euopean artists in Berlin, which not only gives you the possibility to see the results but also to enjoy music, Arabic food, talks and workshops. If you haven’t had the chance yet to watch the movie „Memory of a Checkpoint“ by Tamer Alawam, take it on Friday evening 9pm! Furthermore there is a possibilty to get the newest first hand informations about Syria and the situation there at taz Café next Monday. Don’t miss this neither!

Tandem / Shaml Final Event at ZK/U

MitOst e.V. organizes this unique event taking place two days long in ZK/U: After a year of collaboration, Arabic and European cultural managers will present their co-productions at the Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U) in Berlin Moabit. With an opening reception on Friday the 14th of June at 5:30 p.m, exhibitions and performances will be presented followed by a screening of Syrian short films. On the 15th of June we want to invite you to actively participate with us in workshops and discussions while enjoying specialties of the Syrian cuisine. In conclusion to the evening, we will dance and party with Dury de Bagh & Co, Jazar Crew, and DJanes from Cairo and Berlin. For two days, we will transform the ZK/U, an old freight station in Moabit, into a lively hub for the exchange of ideas and art from the Arab World and Europe.

Discussion in taz Café: Syria between departue and disaster

The second recommended date is Monday 17th, when you can join the discussion „Syrien zwischen Aufbruch und Katastrophe“ – Syria between departure and disaster in taz Café. Led by Ines Kappert (taz), Bente Scheller (Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Beirut) and Elias Perabo (Adopt a Revolution, Berlin) are discussing the latest news and current situation in Syria.

Areas near the Turkish border are widely liberated, which means that Assad’s regime still attacks cities and villages there, mostly by air, but people nevertheless started to concentrate on rebuilding and organising their everyday life in the upcoming new free Syria. The same time the war itself now seems to spread, involving the Libanon directly. What has to be done? Nothing, like the over two years before?

Elias Perabo, co-founder of the association Adopt a Revolution, has just been there and shares his experiences and thoughts with us. Together with Martin Glasenapp, medico international, he published an article about the situation giving the example of a mayor still waiting for any support from western countries in order to built civil structures in his village. Like many others he does not want to cooperate with religious groups, but build the new Syria on a secular basis – but he does not get any financial nor logistic help by the western countries, which seem just to discuss the possibility to do so but are lacking their will to get active. It’s not about sending weapons to the so called rebels – humanitarian and civil support could be so easy and help strenghten the secular parts of the Syrian revolution.

Friday June 14th from 6pm on and Saturday June 15th the whole day at ZKU – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik,
Siemensstrasse 27, 10551 Berlin
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event on Facebook
MitOst e.V. on Facebook
ZKU on Facebook

Monday June 17th 7pm at taz Café, Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 24, Berlin-Kreuzberg; free entrance!
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event on Facebook
article by Elias Perabo and Martin Glasenapp in taz

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