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Watching the news on TV or reading the latest reports in newspapers about Syria is shocking, and often enough leaves one with a feeling of paralysis. The war seems far away for somebody enjoying life in Europe and, after all, it’s just another war, brutal as all the others – and faceless.

We want to give you the possibility to enter Syria in a safe way and get in contact with the people on the site. We want you to feel the suffering and fighting, the hopes and fears of Syrians.

We are publishing interviews we made via Skype, or that friends managed to do in Syria with very diverse people, be it the woman you meet in the queue in front of a bakery, or the doctor in a hospital working 20 hours and more without a break, or a young man who decided to fight for the freedom of his country. Because we want you to feel the real Syrian life as it is right now, we encourage you to send us the questions you have always wanted to ask, but never had the possibility before. We will ask these questions in one of the next interviews. So contact us!

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