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Von Berlin zur türkisch-syrischen Grenze, von Thomas Rassloff

(english) Thomas Rassloff fährt regelmäßig nach Syrien, um aus erster Hand aus Kriegsgebieten wie Aleppo zu berichten und die Öffentlichkeit über das tatsächliche Geschehen auf dem Laufenden zu hlaten. Schon einmal durften wir seine zu Papier gebrachten Erlebnisse zusammen mit

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Join the Discussion – September 3rd, 7pm in Berlin!

We are very happy to invite you to a special event this Tuesday, September 3rd, in Berlin: „Syria – Stony Paths of Escape“ is the title of a public discussion with three people invited who will give their insights of

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Any news for Syria?

So what do we have? A red line that sometimes is described with a bleak look and strong voice, but at other times seems more like a rubber band in pink jumping up and down. As long as the chemical

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Thomas Rassloff – live from Aleppo, Syria

(deutsch) How does it feel working as a journalist in war areas like Syria, in a city like Aleppo, where you kind of count on a deadly attack the next moment? Thomas Rassloff, photographer from Germany, already went several times

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Thomas Rassloff – live aus Aleppo, Syrien

(english) Wie ist es eigentlich, als Journalist in einem Kriegsgebiet wie Syrien zu arbeiten, in einer Stadt wie Aleppo, in der man jeden Moment mit einem tödlichen Angriff rechnet? Thomas Rassloff, Fotograf aus Deutschland, reiste bereits mehrmals seit Beginn der

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Meeting the Malas Twins and Nada

(deutsch) Some days ago Berlin was welcoming very famous artists from Syria, known not only for their humor but also for being supporters of the revolution: the Malas twins. They came here for a film shooting for the movie project

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How oppression works in Syria

(deutsch) When the revolution started in March 2011 it was the moment people decided to stand up against a political system that is oppressing the majority of Syrian people. What does it mean to live in an oppressive state? Get

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