Call to action by Lien e.V.: shoes for kids until May 24!


The Social Association Lien e.V. collects shoes for children in daycare facilities and schools in Berlin until May 24th. Here the original appeal in German, down here in English – get active!

Because of the catastrophic situation in Syria the majority of civilians are living beneath the living wage. Lien e.V. wants to help these people in need. Thus we start our new project „shoes for kids“ and need your support!

All kids collect shoes they don’t need anymore but still are in good condition and bring them in their daycare center or school until May 24th. Of course you can also bring shoes for adults in good repair. In this way you can help supporting children who experienced the inconceivable and who don’t take solid food, good shoes and a regular day-to-day routine for granted.

Already now we want to thank you for your friendly aid and hope to have a successfull cooperation!

Please get in contact with us in case you have questions.
Visit us on our homepage:

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