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Financial Help for Syrian Families in Need

Share(deutsch) It’s been two years, since we first cooked for you as one of the KÜFA groups at B-Lage in Berlin Neukölln. Every second Wednesday of the month we offer delicious Arabic vegan food, financing with your donations our projects

Finanzielle Hilfe für syrische Familien in Not

Share(english) Zwei Jahre ist es nun her, dass wir das erste mal in der B-Lage in Berlin Neukölln das erste Mal für euch gekocht haben. Bei unserer ein Mal monatlich stattfindenen KÜFA (Küche für alle) kochen wir jeweils am zweiten

Yalla Syria: Memory of a Country

Share(italiano) It was 2006 and I was enrolled in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Rome. Grappling with the pre-Islamic Jahilliya, the Hegira of Muhammad in 622, the five pillars of Islam, the Shari’a and the Islamic

Living in War

Share(deutsch) We know the pictures of demonstrations and most of all of fighting scenes, of injured and dead people carried in streets full of blood. But besides these horrors, what does it really mean to live in war, being confronted

Who is this FSA?

ShareWho are these rebels? Are they all just dangerous extremists and terrorists fighting for a religious state? We say: no. United in the wish to overcome Assad’s regime, the FSA is a fairly free organised bunch of battalions of different

A History of Syria

Share(deutsch)   This very brief account of the long and eventful history of Syria should serve to clarify and to develop a better understanding of the country’s origins. Ancient Syria was included under the heading “The countries of Syria” (bilad

People of Syria

Share(deutsch) The Syrian population consists of about 88% Muslims and 12% Christians. However, this classification is not as simple as it may sound at first. Syria is characterized by a variety of religious and ethnic groups. The Christian population alone

Cities of Syria

Share(deutsch) Damascus Legend has it that the Prophet Muhammad was travelling out of Mecca when he glanced down the mountains to Damascus, and refused to go there because he only wanted to enter Paradise once after his death. Damascus is

Interview Mahmoud

Share(deutsch) A Syrian friend here in Germany mentioned Mahmoud (name changed) one day some months ago. Living in Damascus, he made incredible efforts to support refugee families coming into his neighbourhood. As the area was closed by checkpoints of the