Interview Bayan

Interview Bayan


I met Bayan in Aleppo. She’s a young and strong woman helping in a hospital every day with the urge to  support the revolution and to help people suffering from the brutality of war.

Here’s a link to a page she is working with in order to inform people around the world from first hand:

Read here what she says:

Can you please present yourself?

My name is Bayan, I’m 36, born in Algeria but I’m Syrian.
I live In Aleppo – Syria.
I’m a teacher.

For people here in Europe it’s difficult to understand the conditions you are living in, how life is in war time. So can you explain us a little bit about it? With whom / in which conditions are you living these days? Do you have a possibility to earn money in the moment?

I live with my mother brother and sister. Well………. the conditions are very hard, we live under shelling, bombing , fire everywhere.
How we could earn money while facing death each moment. Factories, companies, stores are almost closed. You can see some kids selling goods in street.

Did you loose somebody from your family, from your friends?

Sure everybody in Syria lost at least somebody close. Actually I lost a relative and many friends .

With all these horrors of war you are confronted with every day, why don’t you just leave the country and wait in a safe place outside until the war is over?

Well … we chose to fight the tyrant who is Alassad, we won’t give in until we win the war against him.

You are working in a hospital in Aleppo, why are you doing this? What exactly are you doing there? What are you witnessing in the hospital? What are the injuries you are confronted with there?

I had a first aid course to help injuries. I witness painful conditions every moment. Martyrs, bullets on head chest arms legs …………………………. and so on. The most hurt was an embryo sniped in his mother’s womb .

Who is in power in the area you are living and working in? How do you experience that fact? What is good, what is bad?

The area I work the FSA in power it’s for sure much safe.

How is the (military) situation in the moment? Who is in power?

FSA in power but Assad has the air force power.

What does it mean for civilians if the regime’s army is reoccupying their area?

If the Assad army reoccupation the area it means massacres between civilians.

Baschar al-Assad held a speech on January 6 in Damascus‘ opera. What do you think about it? Is it offering any solution?

The speech was stupid .

How could the war be stopped in your opinion? What would be the best outcome of the war?

We need political solution to end the war, the best outcome is Assad should leave .

What’s your experience with media? Which media are you using yourself and what do you think about their way to report about the revolution?

The media is not fair.
I depend on local website.

Do you want to say something to the readers here in Europe? Can we support you and Syria somehow?

We just want common people to feel us, we need them to push their government to help us.