Share the petrol expenses with us!

lkw_convoy_syrienGreat news: With your support we will bring all your donated winter cloths to the Turkish-Syrian border next week! We have a car, a small truck and an ambulance, filled with your donations and as well some medical equipment like artificial limbs. Thank you so much for all your help and support! We are really happy to bring all these things to the Syrian people in need!

Please help us as well with the transportation costs: Share the petrol expenses with us! With we have a partner that offers not only a safe way to donate but also ensures that 100% of your donation arrives in our project! Please donate now and tell others! Thank you very much!

Please use the form here or go to our project on You pick the amount you want to donate – we appreciate every single euro!

Please visit our page the next days – we will inform you about everything that’s happening here! Even though you are not in one of the cars yourself, you will almost know how it feels like!

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