Donations of Cloths for Syrian Refugees

UPDATE December 2014: Many, many thanks for all your support and also for your numerous offers to contribute with your cloths and other donations, which we could not include so far. In autumn 2014 we made the last trip to the Turkish-Syrian border and delivered medical donations and winter cloths – more information about this will be on our page very soon. Unfortunately bringing donations to Syria in a direct way is becoming more and more difficult. Until we find a new way to do so, we want to point to an organisation called „Flüchtlingsräte“, which helps refugees who arrived in Germany in order to find solutions for bureaucratic but also practical problems. Contact the group in your area and ask, what you can do: Many, many thanks again and keep going! Every support counts and makes a major difference!

UPDATE February 2014: This donation project is accomplished! We are very happy to inform you that the donated cloths and the medical gear have reached their destination in Syria, together with an ambulance we were able to buy with your help. Here you can find the thrilling story: On the Way to Syria. Many, many thanks for all your support! We hope that we can start the next project very soon and will keep you here up to date!


Join us now! We are collecting donations of cloths for Syrian refugees in the surrounding camps. How does this work?

Syrian refugees and their families rest after crossing from Syria into Jordan near Mafraq, to escape violence in Syria, February 18, 2013.  REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

Syrian refugees and their families rest after crossing from Syria into Jordan near Mafraq, to escape violence in Syria, February 18, 2013. © REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

The winter not only started here but also in the refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Therefore we are looking for donators who can spare warm cloths for babies and children as well as shoes in every size.

We from are happy to collect your donations and will take care of the shipping directly to the people in need – either on our own to Antakya in Turkey or with the help of the association Lien e.V. to Lebanon.

A group of Syrian refugees cross into Jordan using one of the 43 paths that cross the southern Syrian border on 18 February 2012.  New arrivals are directed into a shelter near the Jordanian border guard outpost, a few meters from the border, before they are taken to the Za’atari refugee camp. UNHCR / N. Daoud

© UNHCR / N. Daoud

Ideally you find other co-helpers and collect some cloths and shoes which we can pick up. Just write us a note.

Of course we are always happy for some financial donation to carry the shipping costs – you find our project here on

You are not living in Berlin? Contact us, we will find a solution to deliver your donation.

Find the flyer with the call for action in German here on one page and here two on one page. Get active, spread the world and share this project with us!

Many thanks for your donation and merry Christmas to you, your family and friends!

5 Kommentare zu “Donations of Cloths for Syrian Refugees
  1. Ulrike Rupp-Böhnke sagt:

    Ich möchte eine Kleiderspende mit Winterkleidung machen. Bitte informieren Sie mich, ob diese benötigt wird. Ich wohne in Berlin und Könnte sie vorbeibringen. Für Männer (Gr.L/M) und und Frauensachen (Gr. XS/S). Danke

    • Claudia Ruff sagt:

      Vielen lieben Dank für das Interesse und die Unterstützung unseres Projekts! Der aktuelle Transport an Hilfsgütern ist bereits völlig gefüllt. Wir versuchen jedoch noch Ende dieses Jahres einen weiteren Transport an die syrische Grenze zu organisiseren und werden das hier auf unserer Seite bekannt geben. Da wir keine großen Lagermöglichkeiten haben, können wir Spenden nur kurzfristig vor dem stattfindenden Transport entgegennehmen. Vielen Dank für das Verständnis und das Engagement!

  2. Carmen Heinzmann sagt:

    Wir haben Winterkleider die nächste Woche abgeholt werden können, weil wir unsere Börse aufräumen, kann jemand sich jemand bei uns melden, damit wir einen passenden Termin finden.

    Freundliche Grüsse
    Kleiderbörse Zumikon

    C. Heinzmann

    • Action Syria sagt:

      Wir haben Ihre Anfrage weitergegeben, da wir selbts keinen Kontakt in der Schweiz haben. Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung und ich hoffe, Sie finden eine passende Möglichkeit, Ihre Spende einzusetzen. Vielen Dank!

  3. Action Syria sagt:

    Please find here the update on the project:

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